The small print

This conference is only for members of rescue teams, including search dog handlers and associated professionals eg police officers, ambulance service staff or SAR aircrew.

For members of Scottish teams affiliated to the MRCofS this event is regarded as a training event and personal accident insurance is provided under normal arrangements with Police Scotland.

For members of Irish teams, your teams’ personal accident insurance cover applies across the British Isles provided the operation/training is sanctioned by MRI or a constituent team.

For members of English and Welsh teams affiliated to MREW this event is covered by MREW personal accident insurance if your team is listed under the centralised MREW policy underwritten by Aviva, subject to the usual policy conditions and exclusions.

Attending officers and staff of associated organisations and delegates from overseas must have appropriate insurance in place to attend the event.

If you are ‘at work’ during this conference eg serving police officers or others, then you have a duty to adhere to your employer’s Risk Assessments as they apply to the activities taking place over the weekend. We understand that if a delegate is deemed by their employer to be ‘at work’ then the risk assessment prepared by their employer applies. Each workshop and the conference overall has a risk assessment and those documents will be available on request.

We are not able to take credit card bookings so payments can only be made by cheque or bank transfer.

No animals are allowed in the hotel buildings so if you are a search dog handler and intending to bring your dog(s) then your vehicle must be used as a kennel.

All accommodation bookings are made under the terms and conditions of the MacDonald’s Aviemore Highland Resort.

We will share information with the MacDonald’s Aviemore Highland Resort on the understanding that they only use this information in relation to managing this event.  We will not share your information with any other person or organisation.

We will hold and use any personal data provided purely for the purposes of this event.

During the conference photographers and film crew may be active: by booking a place you agree that your image can be used by MRCofS in any way which benefits Scottish Mountain Rescue.

In the unlikely event of us cancelling the event you will receive a full refund minus £20 per booking which we will use to cover administration costs incurred in preparing information and dealing with bookings.

If you wish to cancel your booking we will refund on the following schedule

  1. More than 3 months before the event 80% of the cost
  2. Between one and 3 months before the event 50% of the cost
  3. Less than one month before the event no refund